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Single door control panel

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Hi-speed wrap line

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Manual assembly line

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Robot row-layer stacking

Integrated Systems

CHS will work with you to design or optimize a justifiable solution for your application. Our systems typically include equipment, electrical controls, software, bar code scanning, installation and commissioning. We can supply a complete integrated system, a sub-system, or system components only, e.g. conveyors. CHS can install and commission your system single source, or assist you with your own installation.

Typical CHS integrated systems:

End of line packaging:

  • Food and non-food case/tray/bag packaging lines-forming/erecting, packing, sealing, shrink wrapping, bundling, coding, marking, labeling, scanning, palletizing, stretch wrapping
  • Meat tray handling in packing, wrapping, bagging lines
  • Baking tray and plastic basket handling, empty and full
  • Robotic and machine palletizing of cases, trays, bags; pails and drums; single and multi-line systems
  • Stretch wrapping lines - automatic or semi-automatic, special applications, e.g. freezer
  • Packaging materials conveying, strapping-corrugated, cartons, bags, cans

Work in process:

  • Conveyor support systems for automatic and manual work cells in fabrication, assembly, inspection, packaging, repair, etc
  • Injection molding, metalworking, woodworking
  • Industrial laundry garment handling, sorting, off-loading
  • Multi-ton load conveying and handling - work in process
  • Overhead trolley conveyor systems - auto storage/retrieval
  • Finishing lines - painting, plating
  • Welding station infeed-outfeed

Warehouse distribution:

  • Order Fulfillment systems - picking, packing, shipping/receiving, conveyor truck loading/unloading
  • Automatic truck loading systems

Contact us to discuss your current project, whether itʼs in a conceptual or final stage. You'll get personal and friendly service.