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Special-Purpose Conveyors

What distinguishes CHS as a special conveyor supplier is not just the variety of general-purpose conveyors that we provide; it‘s the special-purpose applications and conveyors that we excel in. Those special applications include:

  • Handling that requires secondary functions besides conveying such as sorting, turning, rotating, accumulating, check-weighing, metal-detection, up-ending/down-ending, double-stacking, transferring, diverting, merging, line combining-dividing, vibrating, special speeds, precision stopping or positioning, timed infeed, hard/soft start-stop, etc.

  • Products or materials that are extra heavy or light, extra large or small, difficult to handle.

  • Environmental conditions outside of “normal” ambient temperature, humidity, washdown- caustic acid and base solutions, sanitary, food and dairy spec, dust and dirt, various contaminants, etc. These usually require special design, construction materials, components, controls, and lubricating fluids.

Typical engineered conveyor applications:

  • Integrated machine infeed-outfeed conveyors
  • High speed product turning-reorientation
  • Special wash-down conveyors
  • Accumulation & staging for multi-line palletizing
  • Line combining-diverting
  • Work-in-process handling
  • Clean room handling
  • Precision product assembly handling
  • Sortation of specialty materials
  • Specialized accumulation requirements
  • Welding station conveyors
  • Between buildings conveyors, tunnels, bridges
  • Freezer handling conveyors
  • Oven and high-temp conveyors
  • Small product conveyor transitions and interfacing
  • Pallet/case vertical conveying-high speed continuous, reciprocating
  • Palletizer outfeed conveyors, transfer cars

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