Fulfillment bar code scanning image

Fulfillment bar code scan

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Slicer-Infeed conveyor

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Two-wide tall pallets

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Robot palletizer

CHSystems Corp. (CHS) can help you optimize a material handling or packaging application with special purpose conveyors or an integrated system. Our conveyors and systems are handling food and non-food products, containers of all types, and multi-ton unit loads throughout the U.S. The CHS organization has been supporting end-users and resellers for over 25 years. Spanning all industries, from food and beverage service to computer assembly and shipping, CHS can provide the best conveyor or integrated system.

Special-Purpose Conveyors

Many manufacturing and warehouse conveying applications have some special requirements that can make or break an otherwise well thought out solution. These can include many other functions for material handling, flow control and in-line operations. CHS has done most of them, and can help optimize your overall solution with properly applied conveyors, transfers, special devices, and accessories.

Integrated Systems

What is an “integrated system”? This is when more than just conveyor hardware is required. It involves the addition of other elements such as electrical controls, new or existing machinery, robotics or workstations. The conveyors can take on the role of physically networking the system to create efficient materials flow through manufacturing, assembly, packaging, or logistics operations.